Window & Door Repairs

Window & Door repairs will ensure the long life and optimum performance for your business or home.

Myra Glass has been replacing windows and door hardware for over 50 years.

We have the knowledge and equipment to make sure we can repair or replace any fixture or fitting.

  • Window hinge replacement
  • Child restrictors for windows
  • Replacement or repair of window handles
  • General maintenance on windows and their mechanisms
  • Repair or replacement of leaking windows
  • Repair of jammed windows
  • Replacement keys for window locks
  • Supply and fit “Easy clean window hinges”

Window Hinges

There are many different types of window hinges.

Due to all windows being made bespoke, knowing what fitting is required is a skill in itself.




Doors Hinges

Floor springs come in different floor depths for ground floors and first floors and above.

Knowing the difference is important so if you need a site visit we are more than happy to oblige.



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