Glass Data Sheets

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Data Sheets for Toughened Float Glass Data Sheets for Laminated Glass
4mm Clear
6mm Clear
8mm Clear
10mm Clear
12mm Clear
15mm Clear
19mm Clear
6.4mm Clear Laminated
8.4mm Clear Laminated
10.4mm Clear Laminated
11.5mm Clear Laminated
13.5mm Clear Laminated
13.5mm Clear Toughened Laminated
6.8mm Acoustic Laminated
Data Sheets for Low Iron Glass Data Sheets for Mirror Glass
4mm Clear
6mm Clear
10mm Clear
4mm Mirror Silver
6mm Mirror Silver
Data Sheets for Tinted Glass Data Sheets for Fire Rated Glass
4mm Bronze
6mm Bronze
8mm Bronze
10mm Bronze
4mm Green
6mm Green
10mm Green
Pyrobel Data Sheets 2017 CF377
GW Clear/Cast

Size chart for double glazed windows


This grid is a guild-line and subject to glazing regulations please email us with any questions.

Glass Manufacturing Specs

U-Values, tell you how well your windows retain heat. The lower the number the better.

U-Value Glass Data Sheet

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