At Myra Glass we are able to produce any range of mirrors from free standing to decorative shapes and designs.

We only use the best glass for our mirrors so the reflective image is as perfect as it is seen by the human eye.

We able to polished and bevelled the edges so the final product is perfect to touch and to see.

Bevelled Edge ( 25mm ) Polished Edges

If you are planning on mounting your mirror to a wall we can do any amount of drill holes needed, we can even add a safety backing for added protection.

Drill Holes ( 6mm )

  • walls
  • partitions
  • doors
  • displays
  • ceilings
  • cupboards
  • wardrobes and other furniture

Antique Mirror

Myra Glass is now supplying a wide range of decorative Antique Mirrors .

Aura 03 Cura Morena
Aura 03 Cura Morena

Safety Backing Film

Mirror Saftey Backing


Safety Backing Film is a clear film that is designed to be applied as a safety measure against the event of impact or accidental damage.

Once Safety Backing Film has been applied it will not shatter into large dangerous shards when smashed.

This Mirror Backing Film has a high tack adhesive with high adhesion and excellent holding power, making it an suitable for various mirror surfaces.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strengthen against breakage
  • Clear backed film
  • Containment of sharp/dangerous fragments British and EU Standards Certification

 Wurth Mirror GlueAdhesive

  • Chemical basis: Polymeric rubber
  • Colour: Light grey (bright grey)
  • Max. change in volume: 5 %
  • Full curing speed: 1.5 mm/d
  • Max. open time: 15 min
  • Silicone-free: Yes
  • Solvent-free: Yes
  • Contents: 290 ml
  • Weight of content: 406 g

Fittings for Mirrors

SCREW DOME HEAD                                         CORNERS MOUNTING BRACKETS









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