Glass Repair Film | MAXAM®

For effectively dealing with broken glass in an emergency repair It is so easy to apply,

Just cut to size, peel back the paper and smooth over with a cloth. Your window is both safe and weatherproof immediately. The frame is undamaged and you get full natural daylight too. When you come to reglaze, the old glass comes out altogether, and is firmly attached to the film. Glass Repair Film | MAXAM® is successfully used every year on around half a million broken windows.

Glass Repair Film – MAXAM®

Takes seconds to apply with no toolsAesthetically pleasing with no loss of daylightSilently application, no noisy sawing or hammeringHighly secure yet almost invisibleCompletely seals out the elementsPerfect for repairs in PVC frames

Key Service Features

  • Easy to apply.

  • A Cheaper alternative to board ups.

  • Hold glass in place before repair.

  • Environmental material.

  • Large rolls to cover any size of window.

  • Clear film so light can still come through

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