Balustrade Glass

At Myra Glass, we offer the best in bespoke balustrade glass and stainless-steel frames to fit any garden or balcony.

We use the best quality glass and materials to guarantee an excellent finish.

We can offer both laminated and toughened safety glass for internal and external balcony or stairway applications.

If you require shape panels we can use our CNC machine to make sure it fits seamlessly.

Balustrade Glass systems are perfect for having a modern clean look both inside and outside of your house.

We have fitted  for both residential and commercial applications.

NOTE: Fitting is subject to location and application. Please contact us for more information.


Balustrade Glass | Railing and Fixtures

Myra Glass only uses the best stainless fixtures to secure our glass. Clamps, Railings, or Crystal Surface Systems.
We know the railings are just as important as the glass to create the perfect finish.

  • D-Clamps (Screwless)
  • Bottom Rails
  • Hand Rails

Stainless Steel for external use. Chrome finish for internal use.

  • The complete glass balcony range is suitable for use both internally and externally in even the harshest of environments.
  • Suitable from 12mm up to 33mm thick glass depending on the level of barrier required for the project.
Balustrade Balustrade


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