One Way Vision | Film

One way vision film is perfect for privacy and security. Mirror Vision Film enables one-way vision for both internal and external applications.

The mirrored film provides daytime privacy
As the outside light becomes weaker, the mirror effect of outside glass will disappear gradually and outside people can see inside

Heat Control
Blocking out 20% of sunlight helps effectively reduce glare. Making interiors more comfortable. The heat control window film can retain heat in winter and keep it out in summer, reducing expensive heating and cooling costs.

Glass Protection
Protect glass from the explosion. When the glass is broken, avoid the splash of broken pieces.

No Adhesive | Glue Free Design
Cuts down Chemical Release. Can be easily applied with soapy water on the smooth glass surface of the home and office by soaking the adhesive side. Easy to install and firmly sticks to windows.

Key Service Features

  • Privacy:

    One-way vision film offers privacy for people inside a building while still allowing them to see outside.

  • Easy to install:

    One-way vision film is easy to install and can be applied to windows of different shapes and sizes.

  • Glare reduction:

    One-way vision film can reduce glare from the sun, making it easier to see outside.

  • UV protection:

    One-way vision film can block harmful UV rays from the sun, which can help protect people and furnishings from sun damage.

  • Energy efficiency:

    One-way vision film can help reduce energy costs by reflecting heat from the sun, which can keep the building cooler.

  • Security:

    One-way vision film can provide added security by preventing outsiders from seeing inside a building.

  • Domestic and commercial application:

    Can be a useful choice in both Homes and offices when privacy is a concern.

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