Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass combines both safety and security properties while maintaining clarity of vision.

Myra Glass is a specialist in the processing of Balustrades panels for both internal and external applications.

Laminated Glass is comprised of 2 panes bonded together using a PVB interlayer.

Laminated glass







Should the laminated glass be broken, it will hold together and not collapse. Reducing damage to both property and members of the public.

Laminated glass









Manufactured in various thicknesses for domestic and commercial use.

Any location where safety and security are paramount.


Myra glass offers an extensive range of Laminated glass.

Please see the list below

Commonly used for doors and windows

6.4 Clear Lam

6.4 Opal Lam (obscure)

6.8 Clear Lam

6.8 Stippolyte Lam (obscure)

Thicknesses recommended for balustrade

8.8 Clear Lam

10.4 Clear Lam

11.5 Clear Lam

21.5 Clear Lam

Sound in proofing studios or domestic buildings

6.8 Clear Acoustic Lam- 38Db Rating

10.8 Clear Acoustic Lam- 42Db Rating



Shopfronts and doors

11.5 Lam

13.5 Lam



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