Polycarbonate Sheets

We supply solid flat polycarbonate sheets in a variety of thicknesses. All of our polycarbonate sheets are high quality. They are suitable for internal and external use.

Available for collection in Dublin

Polycarbonate benefits:

  • Clear and transparent
  • Half the weight of glass
  • Impact resistant (virtually indestructible)
  • Easy to thermoform and fabricate
  • High heat resistance (can withstand both very high and low temperatures)
  • Excellent fire rating – BS476 Class 1Y / EN13501-1 Class B s2 d0

We offer a cut to size service. 

Uses and applications:

  • Security glazing
  • Flat or curved glazing
  • Greenhouses
  • Machine guards
  • Boat windows
  • Secondary glazing for heat retention
  • Catteries & dog kennels
  • Shed windows
  • Bus shelters
  • Sound walls
  • Electronic applications – polycarbonate is a good electrical insulator
  • Apartment / decking balconies
  • Windbreaker applications
  • Windscreens for motorbikes, golf carts, ATVs

Polycarbonate Sheets Sizes

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Sheet Thickness Sheet Sizes Available
2mm 3050mm x 2050mm
3mm 3050mm x 2050mm, 2500mm x 1250mm
4mm 3050mm x 2050mm, 2500mm x 1250mm
5mm 3050mm x 2050mm
6mm 3050mm x 2050mm, 2500mm x 1250mm
8mm 3050mm x 2050mm
10mm 3050mm x 2050mm
12mm 3050mm x 2050mm (special order only)


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